Thursday, January 28, 2010


I don't know why I'm in such a solemn mood...but its what came out so here is a little piece of me that I'd like to share with you...with love

peace n sunshine

don't stand over me wailing
and please don't tell lies
don't sit in your house doing nothing
to say you miss my smile.

don't fret about the things you could've done
if you'd known there was such little time.

don't hold me back from leaving this life
when my time has come.

cherish the moments we shared
my new life has just begun.

this is my plea
and I leave it with thee.

its too much, you may say
for me to ask these things.

don't cry?

smile and laugh?


when with each thought of me
you feel pain
reminding you that no longer am I here.

hopefully I've made peace with my maker
and am resting at ease.

so if you do anything:




Have Peace

when you remember me.