Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the line is already thin

This post is for everyone but its especially for guys out there.  Don't let good sex put you in a situation that you don't want to be in. 

I was talking to one of my guy friends about the warning signs that people in relationships ignore before the situation starts getting crazy.  His male cousin had to throw a girl out of his house because she start throwing and breaking things when they started arguing during a visit to his home. 

I asked my friend what they were arguing about...are you ready for it? 

She was upset because she was a sideline chick and she wanted to be his main chick.  Now she knew that he had a girlfriend and that their situation would be strictly sex.  

So this was our convo:
Me: Oh well, that's his fault that she tore his stuff up.  I'm not saying she was right but he should have seen that coming.
Him: Well, how would he know she was gonna do that?
Me: If they were arguing about her being his main girl, then thats not the first time they have had the discussion.  Its his fault because he should have stopped having sex with her after the first time she admitted that she was catching feelings. 
Him: What are you saying? 
Me: Is that a trick question? I'm saying he should have stopped fcuking her and left her alone. But because he chose not to do that he ended up with a chick in HIS house breaking HIS isht. 
Him: Whatever! 
Me: It not a whatever! He should have believed her when she first said she was catching feelings.  I don't care if she said she was cool with being a side chick after she caught feelings.  No girl, woman, or person (guys) whats to be a side piece to someone that they have feelings for.  If they tell you its cool, they are lying and plotting on a way to make that person like them back. Period point blank.  Maybe if guys would think with their brain instead of their penis there wouldn't be so many women spazzing out on men.

My point is the line is thin and the warning signs are there. Why won't you open your eyes and take note of the mess you are about to get into?

Some females do not know how to have sex and not catch feelings for a guy.  When a girl admits that she's catching feelings, please don't think that she just thought it up.  No boo, she has felt that way for a while.  Females are not raised to chase a man for the most part so to be the first one to admit that she caught feelings was something that she thought about for a good minute before she opened her mouth about it.  And then again, I don't think a guy would come out and just tell a chick the he's caught feelings if he knows that he's a side piece.  I may be wrong but I'm just saying.

Most females analyze stuff.  We think about what you said, how you said it, and try to figure out why you said it when you said it.  We may never act on any of those thoughts but it crosses our minds.  Its true. 

So if you know that you are already cheating on your main girl, why would you continue to have sex with a chick that has openly admitted to you that she wants to be you main girl??? That just doesn't make common sense! AND the longer you keep having sex the more bold she will get - hence, she broke up your house in front of your homeboys.  Next thing you know, she'll be posting pictures of you in her house chilling on FB and Twitter.  And then she'll get bold enough to confront/call the main girl. Even worse, she purposely gets pregnant by you, forcing you to be connected to her for the rest of your life.

Be Smart!!! USE COMMON SENSE!!! Don't let put you in a situation you don't want to be in!!! 

The line is already thin, don't make it thinner by ignoring all of the warning signs please.

with love,

peace n sunshine

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