Tuesday, January 19, 2010

my professor makes me so sick...

Hey guys, its me again...I don't know why but I felt like writing some more so I am. This time I'm going to right about my professor. She really knows how to boil my blood. Its funny because I have a few friends who have been talking about dropping out of school and joining the military. Well every time they talk about it, I always say, "why don't you finish school and join as an officer?" Well, that very philosophy is biting me in the butt right now. I am currently in my last year of school and I see the same professor 2-3 times on class days. So I have no choice but to deal with her...the reason I don't like her is because she has the mentality that every college student should dedicate 100% of their life to college classes and work. She went from undergrad to graduate to doctoral back-to-back-to-back. She was basically a nerd in college, and really didn't get any hands on experience. The assignments that we get are really becoming obsolete tools of public relations. Anywho, this professor is getting a honorable mention today because she decided to interrupt my group presentation today to make suggestions during our presentation about how we should go do more research...now you may be saying, that's not that bad...well let me give your some background, the presentation was being done as a campaign introduction and the mass communications department head and faculty/staff were in the audience...oh and did I mention that we had visited my professor's office last week and gave her a detailed explanation of our campaign. Last week she had nothing to say...today, she's full of ideas.

Then after the guests leave, she walks her behind up to our group station and says, "Oh my goodness, you guys did so great!!! I could have slapped the bologna out of her!!! In the words of my sistah-queen, Helesi, she makes my azz itch!!!

with love,

peace n sunshine


  1. lol girl just hang in there and do what u gotta do. Remember to always see the light at the end of the tunnel and know that there is always a method to the madness! Do you! Much love to ya

  2. I'm digging in my purse for the web addy where you can order all the proper creams, ointments and "vamoose ignant mofo" spray. we gwon han-nle it rat nah.