Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Workshops I Attended

During the Press Institute, I was able to attend a number of workshops that focused on how new media effects Public Relations and Advertising. Although, I attended all of the public relations and advertising workshops, I chose three workshops that I enjoyed the most. The three workshop that I have selected to write a synopsis of are: The Future of Advertising: New Media, New Clients, and New Customers; Effective Social Media Strategies in Public Relations; and The Revolutionizing Advertising Agencies with New Media.

The Future of Advertising: New Media, New Clients, and New Customers, facilitated by Dr. Juliana Trammel, Jacqueline Allen-Settles, and LaFreda Hendley, informed students about the opportunities that are available for them to use to market themselves, build their portfolios, and take on new clients. Students were admonished to learn how to build websites, and advertise on the web. Attendees learned that combining new media technology skills with what students learn in the classroom will give students selling power.

In Effective Social Media Strategies in Public Relations, facilitated by LaFreda Hendley and Rahshiem Wright, students learned the value of knowing their client better than the client knows himself. Because of the age of technology, it is much easier to obtain information about companies and potential clients. A lot of the leg work of research has been reduced because of the internet. One can research a company’s history, clientele, service record, etc, online, and develop a proposal to present to the business owner, and potentially gain a new client. The key is to be tenacious, professional, and put out excellent work.

The Revolutionizing Advertising Agencies with New Media workshop facilitated by LaFreda Hendley, allowed students to become involved and learn in an interactive setting. Students became an advertising agency, and were able to experience what the branding, imaging, and advertising for a company’s product line. This workshop provided students with insight on which actual steps should be taken, and in what order those steps should be taken in, when developing a real-life advertising campaign with a budget. This workshop was a defining workshop for students, it either let students know that public relations and advertising is the focus area for them, or if they should rethink their desire to enter the field.

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