Tuesday, February 2, 2010

it doesn't take too much

a pat on the back
a hug every now and then
a phone call
a kind gesture

open the door for me
hold my hand
wrap me in your arms

a kiss on the shoulder
fresh coffee or tea in the morning
make me feel you even when you're miles away

the scent of your cologne
the look you give me when I make you mad
the smile you rock when I've made you proud

it doesn't take much to make me smile,
make me feel like you're on my side...
like its just me and you against the world
its just me and you in this fight,

no matter how we may argue, fuss, or fight
remember its not how much money you make
what kind of car you drive
or how many bedrooms you have in your house
its all about how you love me with your heart